Indonesia and Malaysia Call for Israel’s Compliance with ICJ Ruling on Gaza Offensive

In a joint statement issued on Sunday, Indonesia and Malaysia emphasized the need for Israel to adhere to the recent ruling by the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ruling, heraldamerica delivered on Friday, ordered Israel to immediately cease its military offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah. Here are the key points:

ICJ’s Decision: A Call for Immediate Action

  • The Verdict: The ICJ ruled that Israel must “immediately halt its military offensive and any other action in the Rafah Governorate.” totosite
  • Humanitarian Crisis: Judges at the ICJ described the humanitarian situation in Rafah as “disastrous.”
  • Access for Investigation: The court also called on Tel Aviv to allow unimpeded access to any mission investigating allegations of genocide.

Indonesia’s Stance

  • Support for ICJ Order: The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed full support for the ICJ’s ruling.
  • Unimpeded Access: Indonesia emphasized the-tree-men the importance of ensuring unimpeded access to the Gaza Strip for any commission of inquiry or fact-finding mission.
  • Compliance Urged: Indonesia called on Israel to “immediately comply with the measures ordered by the Court without reservation.”
  • Security Council’s Role: The ministry highlighted the critical role of the United Nations Security Council in overseeing implementation. locksmithup

Malaysia’s Strong Message

  • International Community’s Responsibility: Malaysia urged the international community to intensify pressure on Israel to comply with the ICJ ruling.
  • Sanctity of International Law: Failing to enforce the ruling would undermine the sanctity of international law, ocksmithssl according to the Malaysian Foreign Affairs Ministry.

As neighboring countries, Indonesia and Malaysia stand united in advocating for justice and accountability in the ongoing conflict. The ICJ’s decision serves as a call to action, emphasizing the urgency of addressing the crisis in Rafah. mrwebcapitalist






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